Are You A Good Candidate For Auto Augmentation

Chances are that you are quite familiar with the general ideas behind breast augmentation surgery. Usually this procedure, called augmentation mammoplasty, involves the implantation of a saline or silicon breast implant, either behind the mammary glands or in the chest wall itself (with some variation on the placement, size and shape of the implant). There is another choice, however, that presents itself to patients in the right situation: Auto Augmentation. What is breast auto augmentation and is it right for you?

Unlike traditional breast augmentation, breast auto augmentation doesn’t involve the use of an implant at all. Rather, it combines a breast-lift with a procedure that uses your own breast tissue to fill out the upper poles of the breast, giving fullness without the need for implants. A breast lift alone doesn’t add fullness to the breast; it only tightens the tissue and pulls the nipple up higher on the breast and excises excess tissue. An auto-augmentation, however, takes the excess tissue and, in some cases, moves it from the bottom of the breast area to the top, filling out the top portion of the breast.

Determining candidacy for this particular method of breast augmentation requires a full consultation with a skilled, board certified plastic surgeon that has ample experience with this particular procedure. This method will only work for women with truly excessive amounts of breast tissue and isn’t an appropriate method for women who only have a nominal amount of tissue. The best candidates for this procedure tend to be women who have experienced a large amount of weight loss (as is common after bariatric surgery, for example) or who have ample amounts of skin or sagging tissue.

In some cases, the tissue used comes from the upper abdomen and some surgeons even use fat tissue that has been liposuctioned from one area and then injected into the breast. This is a highly technical procedure and should only be done by a surgeon with extensive training and experience in this technique.

Advantages Of Auto Augmentation

One of the great advantages for this procedure is the natural look and feel of the breast tissue post-surgery. As there are no implants the look and feel of the breasts is a totally natural one and the scarring is minimal.

This procedure, like any other, carries risks unique to the method and even if you are a good candidate for this procedure, it bears mentioning. One of the most commonly mentioned risks mentioned in the research available is the risk that the tissue that has been moved upward may lose its blood supply, causing hardness and a firm mass that slowly loses size over time. Of course, there are other risks to consider as well, as with any surgery.

Another serious consideration for those interested in this particular method of breast augmentation is the issue of scarring. While the overall scaring is relatively minimal, it is noticeable. Some women are not interested in a procedure that will leave obvious scars on the breast itself. If that is the case for you, this procedure may not actually be your best option. Incisions are made in the bottom of the breast and rise vertically into the areola. The scarring is often described as a “lollipop scar” as it resembles, well, a lollipop. Learn also about implants placement, advantages and disadvantages.

Breast auto augmentation is a wonderful option for women who are unhappy with the fullness of their breasts but don’t want implants. A consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon should help you determine if this procedure is right for you. And if it is not, there are plenty of other options for breast augmentation that might be the right choice for you. Your surgeon will be able to help you find the best method for you and your body type.